Founding MetaMundo: Our Story

4 min readJul 8, 2022


So much changed for MetaMundo over the past year. …But how and where did it all start? Our two co-founders, Mark and Finn, first met back in 2014…

Flash forward to May 2021, and they saw an opportunity in the market—and chose to act on it. In the early days of the metaverse’s development, most projects were sparse and barren; one could walk for hours and hardly come across anything that had been built. This was because 3D assets were not interoperable between metaverses. There were many marketplaces for 2D NFTs, though there was less focus on the 3D NFT aspect due to the craze for PFP collections at that time. And still today. The name ‘MetaMundo’ is derived from the fact that ‘Mundo’ means ‘world’ in Spanish and Portuguese, and this nicely captured the company’s central aim, to help build the next generation of the internet—named the metaverse.

Building the Team
The next stage involved building a team to take this idea from a concept to reality. Mark and Finn utilized their network and contacted those they knew and trusted from previous projects to put together an experienced team who could build and scale the idea. With extensive experience as a product leader at and several other tech startups, Finn took on the role of leading product and technology, with Mark focused on the growth of the business. The founding team consisted of Bernado, Nitesh, Niek, and Milos. This was an asset to the project as they’re a highly cohesive and competent set of innovators. Building the team after has been a meticulous and methodical process, as Mark and Finn thought that creating just the right culture was the key to our success, and scaling the team too quickly could compromise that. We are now a team of just over ten passionate, dedicated experts in our respective fields.

Finding the Value
It seemed clear to the team at MetaMundo that architects and designers are of paramount importance when creating the metaverse, and that they should therefore be empowered to do so. One of the key aims early on was to build a creator-first marketplace specializing in NFT metaverse-ready 3D collectibles. This was not available at the time, and this gap in the market continues to be felt today. We claimed this space in the web3 world. This was coupled with the mindset shift created by the rise of NFTs in recent years: there is a growing focus on users being able to own their own data in the digital realm. The next challenge was getting funding for the project; a relatively organic process. It was important to both Mark and Finn that the emphasis should be on who was investing in the project, not just on the funding sources involved. During the funding stage, we ensured we had key advisors to build a dedicated team.

Creating Hype
As we’ve grown as a team, we’ve also grown closer to the launch of our marketplace. We’ve so far focused our communications on information about our ethos and unique interoperable aspect of creating a single NFT that works in nearly every major metaverse platform. Mostly because we have not launched, just yet. Once we soon go live, we’ll be transitioning over to a more image-heavy social presence over on our Twitter—and our website will be our main publishing platform. Think more emojis, GMs, and sleek imagery of spaces and fashion and avatars and more; like a magazine. We’ll still always inform our community about new articles, interviews, and drops—on our site and socials. And of course, for insider scoops and to stay up-to-date in real-time: join our Discord. Stay tuned as we near our launch: we’ll host more Twitter Spaces, publish more articles, and fresh interviews, and soon enough, launch our marketplace for metaverse-ready interoperable 3D NFTs, to the world…

About MetaMundo
MetaMundo is a curated marketplace for 3D scenes and assets, enabling anyone to own high quality 3D NFTs for use across the open metaverse. Powered by web3 technology, the scenes and assets available on MetaMundo are verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. We developed our own NFT, specifically for 3D scenes and assets, which are metaverse-ready. Each of our NFTs contain a bundle of 3D files, optimized for use across the open metaverse — including versions, which can be used in high fidelity game engines and environments. MetaMundo presents exclusive drops to collectors from the world’s leading 3D artists, designers, architects, and brands — with creators receiving royalties from future sales. Every 3D NFT minted by MetaMundo can also be resold by collectors on secondary NFT marketplaces.

MetaMundo is backed by acclaimed metaverse funds, advisors, and angel investors.

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