Introducing MetaMundo — Let’s Build The Metaverse Together

3 min readSep 1, 2021

Hello, world. We’re excited to share our vision for MetaMundo, a new platform enabling innovative creators to shape how people interact with the virtual world.

Why we are here

We believe in a future where interactions are increasingly hosted in unique immersive virtual environments far beyond what is possible in the physical world. Where people are free to express themselves in any way they want and meaningful connections are fostered between people from anywhere on the planet.

The world’s largest technology companies are investing heavily in virtual reality technology, making immersive metaverse experiences more accessible for the mainstream audience. Facebook’s Oculus VR headset now retails as low as $350, and Apple is planning on launching an AR/VR device next year. These developments open up new economies and opportunities for 3D creators to help shape what these environments look like, how people interact within them, and what they can do. But these environments and the objects within them need to be built.

How we see the future

We believe the decentralized creator economy is the future of the web. Our goal is to empower 3D creators to generate new revenue streams by giving them more ownership and control over their intellectual property. We’ll equip creators with a suite of tools that help build a following, stay connected with their community, monetize their creations and control their IP — so they can focus on doing what they love: designing and bringing their creations to life for the community to enjoy.

Central to our mission, and core to unlocking the potential of the metaverse, is ensuring the interoperability of digital creations across different virtual environments. As a creator, if you design and build a spaceship, we want to make sure that this spaceship is capable and usable in as many different games or virtual environments as possible. To make this possible we’re currently working on establishing partnerships with key players, exploring how we can develop new open-source standards, as well as contributing to enhancing existing protocols to deliver creators best-in-class interoperability for their creations.

Stay tuned for more details and exciting updates in the coming weeks. Connect with us on Twitter, or Telegram.

The MetaMundo Team.

About MetaMundo
MetaMundo is a curated marketplace for 3D scenes and assets, enabling anyone to own high quality 3D NFTs for use across the open metaverse. Powered by web3 technology, the scenes and assets available on MetaMundo are verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. We developed our own NFT, specifically for 3D scenes and assets, which are metaverse-ready. Each of our NFTs contain a bundle of 3D files, optimized for use across the open metaverse — including versions, which can be used in high fidelity game engines and environments. MetaMundo presents exclusive drops to collectors from the world’s leading 3D artists, designers, architects, and brands — with creators receiving royalties from future sales. Every 3D NFT minted by MetaMundo can also be resold by collectors on secondary NFT marketplaces.

MetaMundo is backed by acclaimed metaverse funds, advisors, and angel investors.

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