MetaMundo Avatar Launch for the Metaverse, VTubing, and Gaming

Announcing the launch of fully-interoperable avatars for the metaverse, VTubing and gaming!

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We’re already the premier 3D model marketplace for metaverse-ready architecture, furniture, and objects and today we’re announcing our expansion into avatars. The release, launching today, comes with a debut collection of avatars from both established and up-and-coming metaverse creators.

Fully Interoperable VRM Avatars

MetaMundo became known last year for our innovative approach to delivering 3D models that work across gaming environments in response to fragmented file requirements and a lack of industry standardization. Seeing the frustrations of users whose assets were locked to just one metaverse, we developed a way to optimize and convert models for use across all major metaverse platforms, as well as leading game engines. This is the definition of interoperability.

Now, we’re applying that same technology to avatars. We’ve adopted VRM as our standard avatar format — the latest format to be promoted and adopted by the Metaverse Standards Forum as an industry standard for avatars. Each fully-rigged model boasts interoperability across more than 20 different metaverse and Vtubing platforms. Some of these include Animaze, Virtual Cast, Hyperfy, Webaverse, as well as game engines Unity and Unreal Engine 5.

“Our vision for the metaverse is an interoperable one, where people are free to use their 3D assets where they want. Being able to personalise your experience, express yourself and present your virtual persona wherever you go is core to making the metaverse a place people want to spend time in. So naturally, interoperable avatars are the next category we’re launching”, says Finn Hansen, our co-founder. “MetaMundo now enables 3D creators to offer collectors unique, original, and out-of-this-world 3D avatar designs they can use to personalise their virtual identity across dozens of applications and use cases, from gaming to video chat to Vtubing and even AR filters.”

For the launch of these new avatars, we’ve partnered with Animaze, OpenMeta (Emergence), Animoca Brands, and Hyperfy.

“VRM is quickly becoming the dominant standard across many metaverse platforms,” says Ash Connell of metaverse platform “Open standards and interoperability are exactly what the metaverse is all about, and MetaMundo is solidifying this vision.”

Launch Events

To celebrate, we’re hosting two launch events to show off the capabilities of our creators’ avatars.

Creator Roundtable on Twitch — 6th of March 9pm CET

We are partnering up with Animaze to host a Vtubing Creator Roundtable on Twitch. The live event, at 9pm CET today, will reveal some never-before-seen avatars and a look into the process of a Vtubing Creator. Guests include Dragos Florin of Animaze, The MetaInvaders, MUTANI, LucasGuzman3D, and LUCII.

Link to event:

Avatar Party on Hyperfy — 7th of March 9pm CET

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our launch with a massive avatar launch party, hosted on, a partnering metaverse platform. Attendees are invited to dress in their favorite avatars and enjoy a live performance from MetaMike, as well as networking with fellow metaverse enthusiasts. Free avatars will also be available for visitors who don’t have their own, minted on MetaMundo and designed by LucasGuzman3D.

Link to event:


Along with metaverse interoperability, the avatars launched with us are compatible with several major Vtubing platforms, complete with facial motion tracking and in-built blendshapes. This allows for seamless use of the avatars in real-time for anonymous streaming.

In recent years, Vtubing has exploded in popularity, with Twitch reporting a year-on-year growth rate of 467% in 2021. However, most aspiring Vtubers don’t have the expertise to create their own 3D avatars.

While there are now a variety of platforms that offer ready-made skins, users looking to stick out from the crowd will want something unique. The demand for one-of-a-kind imaginative 3D avatars for this booming industry makes MetaMundo’s expansion a timely one.

“As we spend ever-increasing amounts of time in digital-only spaces, we ought to make sure we’re not leaving behind key aspects of our humanity,” says Dragos Florin, co-founder and CEO of Vtubing avatar platform Animaze — one of MetaMundo’s partners in the launch. “Emotions and facial expressions are key in making meaningful connections as well as general mental well-being; they can and should come with us into the digital realm by being shown as accurately as possible on our avatars’ faces.”

One-of-a-Kind Models

Each avatar is minted and sold as a one-of-one, making these avatars highly exclusive collector’s items and offering Vtubers and metaverse users a completely unique virtual persona.

Several talented artists from our community of creators are taking part in the avatar launch. Buyers can expect avatars from children’s animator Jay Stansfield, metaverse wearable creators Clurge Studio, and real-time interactive media designer LucasGuzman3D. Other creators in the launch include Brian LiFe, Fabeeo Breen, Francesca Fini, Hisqie Furqoni, LKDN, LUCII, The MetaInvaders, and MUTANI.

Check out the marketplace tonight for the release of these amazing new creations and join us for the launch events to celebrate and see what these interoperable avatars are capable of!




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