MetaMundo Launches the ‘Creature House’ 3D NFT, in Collaboration with London-Based Italian Artist Mila Lolli

4 min readAug 30, 2022


Exclusive 1/1 Auction — Starting 6 September 2022 20:00 CEST

[06.09.2022]: MetaMundo (, the world’s premier 3D NFT marketplace, announced its third 3D NFT to drop; a space and stage for music events

The third NFT drop for the marketplace: ‘Creature House’ — is being sold in an exclusive 1/1 auction–and was designed by the Italian web3 artist, designer, and architect, Mila Lolli. The 3D NFT has been — like all NFTs minted by MetaMundo–optimized for use throughout the metaverse such as within Spatial, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxels. MetaMundo will continue to future-proof its 3D NFTs, post-sale, optimizing them for maturing and newer metaverses.

Mila Lolli’s ‘Creature House’ is a playable 3D NFT metaverse asset that is derived from the original ‘Creatures of the Night’ collection that she created in 2021. The collection is inspired by the American rock band Kiss, and their playful identities and face paints. Each individual piece within the ‘Creatures of the Night’ collection was audio reactive, and following that collection, the ‘Creature House’ was created. It challenges traditional architecture through its incorporation of characteristics of wild nocturnal animal faces. Mila’s intention behind the ‘Creature House’ is for it to be utilized as an entertainment venue by serving as a celebratory stage for musicians and performers, across the metaverse. Lolli says of the ‘Creature House’:

‘When I design a world it’s never too real. They’re obviously surreal. But I like the kind of, avatar-like elements to them. There’s always an element of surprise. You never walk into an actual forest and see human-sized mushrooms and bright glowing lights. A lot of people in the NFT space like to replicate the real-world inside the metaverse. But I want to push the boundaries between what’s real and what’s not. Like, who says a house has to actually have four walls? No one. Gravity and other things constrain the real world. But the Creature House works very well in the metaverse because there is no gravity — in the way I’ve designed it.’

This is Lolli’s first 3D NFT, and therefore the first work of hers that is optimized for use in multiple-metaverses. It was inspired by the American rock band Kiss, with their playful identities, face paints, and — of course — their music. The work is named after their iconic 1982 album of the same name, and it is aptly inhabited by numerous ‘creatures’ that all resemble facemasks; they bounce and dance around the space, in tandem with the music.

Lolli is a web3-native artist, designer, and architect, and the founder of NFTUK — the largest organization dedicated to the passion, community, and ethos in the world of NFTs, in the UK.

Sale Info for the Creature House 3D NFT:
Beginning 6 September 2022, 20:00 CEST

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