MetaMundo Partners with Ravel for Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2022

3 min readSep 13, 2022


We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Ravel—which will kick-off later this October with fireworks, confetti, and sparks on the Ethereum blockchain!

Ravel is a metaverse world-builder platform, and MetaMundo is the leading 3D marketplace for metaverse scenes and assets—and together, we have a vast community of talented 3D artists and architects we’re enabling to shape the metaverse. Together we’re providing 3D creators with all the tools needed to build spaces, use those spaces, and to monetize the creations.

The partnership between Ravel and MetaMundo kicks-off this October during Amsterdam Dance Event—the world’s largest electronic dance music festival—with Ravel X MetaMundo as official partners of ADE’s ‘Blendrealities’ program. The event brings together thought-leaders to discuss and foster conversation on web3, and the opportunities it holds for artists.

Ravel’s world building 3D artists, Kuba Jekiel and Christian Venables, have designed a one of a kind futuristic music and events virtual podium, for hosting and experiencing music.

This podium will play host to one of the ‘Blendrealities’ panels, showcasing the space during ADE, and will be available for minting as Ravel’s Genesis drop on our platform after the panel. Kuba and Christian have used AI to assist them in generating unique features of the space.

Reflecting on the vision to make the metaverse more interoperable; the podium will not only be accessible through Ravel, but all platforms, in line with the open metaverse. Users can visit the podium on Ravel for free during ADE, to experience the full-fledged interactive version of this intense creation.

Join us in reimagining the future, and have your avatars and wearables ready, as this partnership has much more in line in the future.

More details on this strategic partnership to follow soon. For now, remember the event takes place the weekend 18–19 October 2022, and that on the 19th, there is a physical event in the Felix Meritis in Amsterdam—a social and cultural center for debate and discussion of the arts and sciences; recently restored, the building has the same cultural use, today.

View the full program of the Ravel event at the site of ADE.

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