MetaMundo x BitMedler X Bl0ckstone: The Museum of (Art)ificial Intelligence Art (MAIA)

Join us for the launch on 11 October at 19:00–21:00 CET!

4 min readOct 10, 2022


MAIA is the very first metaverse museum dedicated to AI in the arts.

Welcome to MAIA–the Museum of Artificial Intelligence Art; the first such museum in the world—launching on 11 October 2022.

The Museum of (Art)ificial Intelligence ArtMAIA: What & Why

Designed using AI-generated references, we have explored the use of AI, in order to create metaverse architecture that invites guests to explore and discover. AI was critical in every aspect of designing the experience; from the architecture housing the art, the art, and sounds on exhibit, to the textures on the walls, down to the refinement and generation of text found within. Much like the text you’re reading now. We want visitors to leave the show with a new understanding of the ways AI potentially, or already does, impact their lives — and how they might leverage these tools to create expressions of their own.

We believe that AI will change the way we live, work, and create art.

Through our exhibits and learning center, we hope to equip visitors with the tools and concepts needed to become creators on their own, while highlighting trailblazers along the way.

XR / Metaverse: AI Whisperer / Metaverse Event Host
IRL / Meataverse: Creative Director UX / UI / Broadcast

BitMedler is an artist currently focused on exploring the seemingly limitless creativity of AI tools, metaverse experiences, and how the two intersect. In meatspace: a PROMAX Award-winning creative director working on digital and broadcast products with millions of daily active users around the globe since web1.

BitMedler whispers to robots in an attempt to seduce them into creating beautiful things, creates experiences in the metaverse that cause people to cuss in a positive manner, and has a strong penchant for technologies often prematurely considered disruptive instead of complementary. Featured artist in the premiere of the Milan-based RED-EYE Metazine (, and and member of Propagation House: a metaverse-based creative studio.

The human whispering to BitMedler is a PROMAX Award-winning creative director working on digital and broadcast products with millions of daily active users around the globe since web1.

Bl0ckstone is an artist and environment designer using virtual and augmented space as a medium for creating art, solving problems, asking questions, and coming together in the process.

Bl0ckstone’s first virtual environment designs came about from necessity.

With broad interests in digital mediums like photography, soundtrack production, machine learning, photogrammetry, and VR; he had a hard time making sense of these pieces on their own. When placed together with intent, they provided something more: context. Talking of their work:

‘I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t finding ways to express myself in context to my environment and the materials on hand. Years before designing architecture I was leaping alleys, analyzing building structures, and scaling their exteriors as a daily, personal practice. Thinking back, creativity & curiosity have always been synonymous. Exploration has always been at the heart of my work; now there is finally a medium to express that.

It has always been a constant cycle of learning, problem-solving, and stacking one understanding on top of the other. If you had asked me 10 years ago, I’d never have even so much a thought I’d be working in this space. VR/AR; the medium, the tools weren’t even around yet. I was consumed by photography: I was still learning how to focus on one thing at a time and everything at once, and I recognized the practice was opening up doors for me.

Over time I found special places, great teachers, and communities. They’ve all shown me the power of providing space for others and allowing them to enter our own, and this understanding is what brought me here as an artist. These pieces call us together. They solve problems, ask questions & provide space in the process. I want these pieces to ignite the sparks of curiosity that lead others into this new realm.’

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MetaMundo is a curated marketplace for 3D scenes and assets, enabling anyone to own high quality 3D NFTs for use across the open metaverse. Powered by web3 technology, the scenes and assets available on MetaMundo are verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. We developed our own NFT, specifically for 3D scenes and assets, which are metaverse-ready. Each of our NFTs contain a bundle of 3D files, optimized for use across the open metaverse — including versions, which can be used in high fidelity game engines and environments. MetaMundo presents exclusive drops to collectors from the world’s leading 3D artists, designers, architects, and brands — with creators receiving royalties from future sales. Every 3D NFT minted by MetaMundo can also be resold by collectors on secondary NFT marketplaces.

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