MetaMundo’s Differentiators

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What Makes MetaMundo Different?
With so many projects in the web3 and metaverse ecosystem, it can be hard to know which projects will succeed and make a difference in the future. There are many metaverses in development, countless NFT drops being done, and numerous technological advancements occurring every day. Though at the moment, we are the only web3 marketplace minting 3D NFTs with numerous customized files embedded in one NFT—each of which is preoptimized by MetaMundo, for a corresponding metaverse platform. However, we’re not limited to one asset type; we offer NFTs in many forms, ranging from zen galleries to ocean-adjacent villas, to entire worlds, to fashion, and more.

Scenes from an upcoming villa drop from Luis Fernandez in collaboration with The Line.

But what else makes MetaMundo and our first NFT — The MetaPortal: OG1500 — different? We are foremost a brand catering to our customers through our 3D NFT marketplace, where we offer the world’s best assets and scenes, from the leading brands, organizations, and artists. The MetaPortal: OG1500 is our genesis NFT, showcasing our smart contract developments and technology.

MetaMundo’s foundation, which further helps work toward interoperability, uses ERC-721 smart contracts within our 3D NFTs to help ensure that they remain intact—just as the human body would—if traversing and operating in different (digital) environments. By guaranteeing this while also offering these 3D NFTs for acquisition to the world at large, MetaMundo is working to enable the future stability of key ownership assets, across many platforms.

Many teams are creating metaverse platforms, such as Somnium Space, Voxels (formerly Cryptovoxels), and Decentraland — to name just a few. These metaverses have substantial user bases and fill individual niches for different uses, from gaming to meetings, to concerts. Each of these platforms has its own aesthetic and audience, yet they don’t always communicate seamlessly.

Those metaverses are similar to individual neighborhoods of Manhattan, though a Manhattan without a subway. With no subway to make getting around quick, it’s not easy to quickly maneuver oneself from neighborhood to neighborhood. The same is true — at the moment — for major metaverse platforms: navigating between each metaverse, still largely requires leaving one platform, to enter into the other. It’s not easy to get around. The situation lacks interoperability.

This is where the MetaPortal comes in. It acts as the subway car used to travel between these different metaverse platforms; it’s the subway, and the tunnel interweaving neighborhoods. By placing the portal and walking through it, you are teleported to a coordinate in another metaverse, providing for unique exploration. This is a new and powerful connection between these metaverses. This first feature, of interoperability, we will achieve with all our 3D NFTs.

Our NFTs work in each major metaverse, due to their poupée russe nesting.

The development of a successful universe of metaverses will heavily rely on its creators and artists. Currently, many of these metaverse projects are sparse and quite barren; as in you can walk for quite a long time along some plots of land, where it exists, and see very little. But this is only to be expected; Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same is true here with the metaverse. Long game.

A streamlined and trouble-free creator process will be key to creating the metaverse of the future—and that is what we offer at MetaMundo. We work with artists (and sometimes the estates of artists) and model from their master file, files optimized for major metaverses, with new platforms added remotely over time. This leaves our 3D artists, more time to create and make.

Our collaborative mindset is one foundation of MetaMundo: we spend all our time building and developing the best assets and scenes possible, together with the best creators and artists, whom we then shine a spotlight on in our long-form interviews, and later, in a new ‘Zine’. We know MetaMundo will play an important role in helping to build the metaverse of tomorrow; though we also know we can’t do it alone. What differentiates us is our direct link to our artists, whom we work with to shepherd their projects to life, making sure that they’re happy with everything, down to the tiniest digital details. In every platform’s optimization. Because we’re focused on expanding the possibilities around a seamless way to interoperate between the different metaverses, we even partnered up with some of them—and will announce new partnerships as we mature. We will launch our 3D NFT marketplace, soon… Stay tuned.

About MetaMundo
MetaMundo is a curated marketplace for 3D scenes and assets, enabling anyone to own high quality 3D NFTs for use across the open metaverse. Powered by web3 technology, the scenes and assets available on MetaMundo are verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. We developed our own NFT, specifically for 3D scenes and assets, which are metaverse-ready. Each of our NFTs contain a bundle of 3D files, optimized for use across the open metaverse — including versions, which can be used in high fidelity game engines and environments. MetaMundo presents exclusive drops to collectors from the world’s leading 3D artists, designers, architects, and brands — with creators receiving royalties from future sales. Every 3D NFT minted by MetaMundo can also be resold by collectors on secondary NFT marketplaces.

MetaMundo is backed by acclaimed metaverse funds, advisors, and angel investors.

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